BT Scaffolds provides a full range of scaffolding and worksite access equipment for hire and whatever your needs, we’re here to ensure you and your crew remains safe on the job.  

With sturdy, lightweight scaffolding solutions, our range is second to none. 
Whether you’re working on a residential roof or a commercial development, the right scaffolding is essential to protect workers and the public. We’re the Brisbane scaffolding experts you can count on for the right advice, a strong focus on OH&S and the best range in Brisbane. 

Comprehensive Range of Scaffolding Equipment 

Look no further for the most comprehensive range of scaffolding and worksite access equipment in the Brisbane area. Although we’re primarily based in Brisbane, we also provide scaffolding Gold Coast & scaffolding Sunshine Coast services. We offer an extensive range of scaffolding, fencing, ladders, accessories and much more.  

Our scaffolding comes in easy, foldable mobile solutions through to larger platforms for multi-level work. From narrow to wide, short and tall, we’ve got all of your Brisbane scaffolding needs covered. 


Expert Scaffolding Hire 

We offer high-quality scaffolding equipment for all types of projects, no matter how big or small. With flexible hire periods, fast delivery, and experts to get your scaffolding set up and taken down, we’re the only phone call you’ll need to make! BT Scaffolds is your one-stop shop for scaffolding in Brisbane. 

From personal projects around the home through to commercial construction sites, we’ve got solutions for every purpose. You can hire scaffolding for all sizes and dimensions, just give our friendly team a call.

Get Your Worksite Ready 

When you hire from BT Scaffolds, we don’t leave you on your own. Our team of experienced professionals will first come and assess your worksite and advise on the best types of scaffolding for your job.  

If you already know exactly what you need, that’s ok too. If you’re comfortable setting up your own scaffolding, that’s not a problem. We’ll just ensure your equipment is delivered at a certain date and time, and you’ll be ready to get started.  

If you’d like us to set everything up for you, just let us know. We’ll have a qualified team of trained professionals on-site to ensure everything is ready.  

Our Scaffolding Services

Residential & Commercial Projects

All types of projects require scaffolding solutions, from house painting and roof work through to commercial construction.  BT Scaffold’s has the perfect solution for any scaffolding need you may have. Our experienced scaffolding companies team will provide you with a free quote and advice on the most suitable scaffolding for your project. With a range of mobile scaffolds, independent units, caged scaffolding and cantilevered options, we provide Brisbane scaffold hire solutions for every environment. 

– Mobile Scaffolding Brisbane –

Mobile scaffolds are often set on wheels or casters which allows for ease of access when needing to manoeuvre for projects. We have a range of mobile scaffolding hire units available to suit every need, from light-duty house painting through to heavy-duty commercial construction. All our mobile scaffolds are built to the highest safety standards and come with a range of features to make your job easier, including:- adjustable legs for uneven surfaces- brakes for extra stability- lockable castors for security- planks and guardrails for safety. If you have any enquires in regards to Brisbane scaffold hire, call our team and we can put your questions to rest. 

– Independent Scaffolding Units –

If you need scaffolding solutions that can be used in multiple locations or needs to be moved around frequently, an independent unit is the perfect solution. Our units are designed for both residential and commercial use, and come with a number of features to make your job easier, including:- adjustable legs for uneven surfaces- brakes for extra stability- lockable castors for security- planks and guardrails for safety. If you are in need of independent units for scaffolding hire, please contact our staff and they will be able to assist you with your project. 

– Cage Scaffolding Brisbane –

Caged scaffolding supplies are perfect for working at heights, as it provides a secure and stable platform for you to work on. The cage surrounding the platform means that you are less likely to fall, and if you do fall, the cage will help to break your fall. Caged scaffolding is therefore ideal for carrying out work on ceilings. If this sounds like a service you may require, please contact our experienced team at BT Scaffolds today to discuss your options! 

– Cantilevered Scaffolding Brisbane – 

There are two main types of cantilevered scaffolding solutions:- Suspended scaffolding, which is supported from above- Supported scaffolding, which is supported from below. Suspended scaffolding is also known as needle scaffolding, and is typically used for exterior work, such as painting or repairing the outside of a building. Cantilever scaffolding involves a separate scaffolding unit being built out on an angle from the building or structure. In comparison, supported scaffolding is more commonly used for interior work, such as working on ceilings or in tight spaces. No matter what type of scaffolding you need, we have the perfect solution for your project. Contact us today to discuss your needs and get a free quote.


Size is no issue, and we can put together scaffolding in any size and dimensions to ensure its fit for purpose. For all jobs large and small, contact the Brisbane scaffolding experts at BT Scaffolds today.


Make Safety A Priority 

We take safety seriously, and that’s why all of our team members are trained to help you get set up safely. While modern scaffolding is very safe, there are still plenty of safety regulations you need to comply with on any job site. 

We’re here to help you comply with all the necessary guidelines and keep your workers safe.  

Unsafe scaffolding can not only result in injury to your team members, but it can also leave you wide open for penalties and legal problems. Don’t take the risk.   



Get the Right Advice

If you’re not sure exactly what scaffolding solutions you need, that’s no problem at all. We offer an obligation-free quote service, so we’ll come to your worksite and give you all the best options.  

Working in certain spaces often requires particular types of scaffolding, while other projects give you a little more freedom of choice. Whatever job you’re doing, we’ll give you the right advice every time. All our friendly team today, and see why so many professionals choose BT Scaffolds!

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