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BT Scaffolds are one of the leading Brisbane scaffold companies. Our service area covers from the Gold Coast to Sunshine Coast and all areas in-between. We can deliver and erect scaffolding to your home, office or building site so that you or your tradesman can get on with the job you need to do. So, If you’re looking for a full service scaffold hire company who will deliver and erect your scaffolding quickly so you can get on with your construction work, get in touch with BT Scaffolds today on 0478 020 990 or 07 3351 5505.

Many commercial and residential Brisbane construction projects require the use of a significant, sturdy scaffold hire in Brisbane. Our equipment is of the highest quality to support heavy loads and the full weight of construction and maintenance workers. The type of commercial or residential construction projects that require a scaffold can be extremely varied. If you own a construction company, you must be fully aware that almost every project demands the use of scaffolds. So, let the professional BT Scaffolds Brisbane team help you determine the size and design of your required scaffold structure. We aim to make it easier for professionals to save time and energy, getting the kind of scaffold they need for their project. By providing us with the list of your project requirements that require specified scaffolding, our team will be equipped to deliver the best possible service on the eastern coast. We supply, deliver, install, and take down scaffolds for hire Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and Brisbane. We provide full service so your project workers can get the job done ASAP. We set up structures in every worksite, involving the sites with tricky installation points such as around swimming pools. It is of paramount importance for our professional scaffolding Brisbane installers to determine what projects require a specific type of scaffold. We offer a complete service for each particular kind of Brisbane scaffolding project and always leave our clients satisfied.

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