Reliable Scaffold Hire on the Sunshine Coast

BT Scaffolds is proud to be the most reliable and experienced scaffold hire and Installation company on the Sunshine Coast. With us, you get peace of mind knowing that you’re working with a reputable company. Safety is always our priority. Every scaffold system we construct complies with work safety guidelines to ensure your construction site is safe and legal.


Our Sunshine Coast Scaffolding Company Hire Services

Our scaffolding services support the high expectations that building owners and contractors have for their projects. When renting scaffolding from us, you can expect:

  • Reasonable renting fees
  • All scaffold materials are in a job-ready condition
  • Ready to transport/ship upon the customer’s request
  • On-time delivery of scaffolding materials
  • Strict quality control and assurance policies
  • Superior customer service

Being one of the most reputable scaffold hire companies on the Sunshine Coast, we help you find scaffolding materials that meet and exceed the needs of your construction site. If you have questions about renting scaffolding equipment, give us a call!


Scaffolding Installation & Dismantling Services 

At BT Scaffolds, we follow stringent measures when it comes to installing and dismantling systems to ensure a safe and efficient means for workers to perform construction works at various heights.

Servicing all Sunshine Coast suburbs, all our employees are trained and certified for scaffolding work. They are familiar with all types of scaffolding like industrial scaffolds, mobile scaffolds, hanging scaffolds, and temporary roof structures.

Contact us for a quote. We are also ready to provide more info about our Sunshine Coast scaffolding installation service and be of service!


Sunshine Coast Residential Scaffolding

We understand that homeowners go through many challenges and usually need help when planning construction projects at their homes. Thanks to our broad expertise, we can provide a range of scaffolding solutions for local builders, roofers, and individual homeowners on the Sunshine Coast.

We always go out of our way to meet clients’ needs and take pride in our flexible, customer-friendly service. An extensive list of loyal customers speaks volumes about the standard of our work; thus, you can rest assured that you are in good hands.

We usually tailor our scaffold services to customers’ needs so that, if necessary, the scaffolding can remain in place for longer than intended. It can also be adapted or entirely or partially removed at any time.


Commercial Solutions

Scaffolding challenges of a commercial construction site extend beyond budget and time pressures. These sites usually require contractors to perform complex and potentially risky work in a manner that does not endanger employees or customers.

In other words, when you are contracted to work in a commercial setting, you don’t have much margin for error. In such circumstances, you need reliable and safe commercial-grade scaffolding that will tightly hold up.

At BT Scaffolds, our scaffolding products are ideal for any commercial project, as they are customisable based on your structures’ unique needs and the nature of your work, including projects like new constructions, redevelopments, demolitions, restorations, and many more!


The BT Scaffolds Difference

Years of Experience

BT Scaffolds has many years of experience in the scaffold industry. Our Sunshine Coast team guarantees expertise in installation, dismantling, transport, and hire services for scaffolding materials. No matter how small or your project is, you can rest assured to get all your scaffolding needs catered to efficiently and on time.

Safety is Our Highest Priority

Our decades of expertise mean you can count on us to guarantee impeccable safety records. Everything we do is intended to maintain safe scaffolding fittings, creating a safe and sound construction site, and averting danger to all involved. Our Sunshine Coast scaffolding services team is fully licensed and insured and act in accordance to Workplace Health & Safety.

Customised Scaffolding Solutions

We understand that every construction project has its own unique requirements that a one-sizefits-all approach cannot meet. Whether you need aluminium scaffolding or general scaffolding services for a residential, commercial, or industrial project on the Sunshine Coast, BT Scaffolds is the company you can rely on. We will fully customise your needs according to your project.



Work With the Most Trusted Scaffold Hire Company on the Sunshine Coast!

It doesn’t matter whether you are working on a large or small construction project; BT Scaffolds has what it takes to have your scaffold hire needs sorted. Get in touch, and we will be glad to offer scaffolding quotes for your next project requiring scaffolding in the Sunshine Coast area. If you’re looking outside the Sunshine Coast, we also provide Gold Coast scaffolding & scaffold Brisbane services. 

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